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**MOLDED CF'd Out Exposed Wald Trunk** CLS Style

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Hey guys...

This is a one of fully custom trunk that took alot of precision and care to create. You guys have seen it in all my threads...I bought the CF version of the WALD trunk spoiler as seen on all the ISX50's and had it molded to my IS-F trunk. I wanted to go for a look that nobody had done before...going that extra mile with the added exposed trim of carbon fiber. This look resembles that of the M3 CLS trunk, and what all the E90/E92's are rocking. Straight sexyness!
This was done by the best of the best body guys...that guarantee their work to not ever loose rigidity or form stress cracks down the line which any cheap work would cause.

-Trunk fully de-badged and painted.
-CF left exposed @ "L" emblem cutout.
-CF left exposed across top bootlid for (CLS trunkstyle look)
-Perfect paint/ no orange peel or imperfections.

ASKING- $1950+ your OEM SFP trunk. (Only open to those W/backup camera)

Please...guys do your research first and know the actual price on parts like these as well as labor and paint prices of high end body shops before you start bashing my price. My favorite saying is "Gotta PAY to PLAY." Guys who know this...are the ones who will pay to have the exclusivity...

Please send all questions here via PM, or [email protected]

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Damn, thats nice. If only I had the money for this mod right now......
Gorgeous car. Great pic locations
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