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Minor accident in the ISF

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Hey guys, name is Rob. I'm new to the forum. Quick question. I was in a minor accident where my left side of the car severely scrapped a curb at 25mph. The wheels were repaired and there was no notable tire damage. Should I have the dealership check out any tire/wheel balance issues or sway bar concerns. The doesn't seem to handle as precise as before. Any suggestions?!
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I would certainly have the dealership check it out. Did you at least get an alignment?
Not yet. Which kind of alignment would you suggest?
I would take it in and get the alignment done and see if that corrects what you feel isn't right. The shop will tell you what is out of tolerance and the settings after it is adjusted. I am sure if there is anything tweaked and they cannot align it, they will tell you the details. If you say something up front, it may open the door for unnecessary expenses. Again, that is only my opinion but you certainly need to make sure all is well with an alignment.

Up to you whether you take it to the Dealership or an alignment shop. I have a good local Firestone location I use but at times, they are a hit or miss for a good one.
Sorry to hear about your damage. It will be a sad, sad day when I get the first scratch on my new ISF
Thanks for the feedback. I'm definitely going to have the dealership take a look at the alignment and such. I'd rather be overly safe now then sorry later on down the road. I have a feeling its nothing major but just for piece of mind I'd feel better if they assessed it.
I'd personally surely hold the car dealership look it over. Do people a minimum of receive a good place?
its really a big shock to hear about that damage, i hope that everything goes well with time..
the government must necessarily take some immediate steps for this thing
the government must necessarily take some immediate steps for this thing
Yes, it would be best to get it to the dealer and get a thorough checkup of it.
So, did you have it checked out?
Get a 4 wheel laser alignment fella. Anytime the wheels are hit you need supporting mechanics checked.
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