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Michelin PS2 tread direction. Possible factory error???

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Tonight I pulled of my winter set-up to install the factory wheels with factory installed tires.

While checking to make sure I am installing each tire on the correct side I noted the tire sidewalls clearly designate that one side of the tire is the "outside", and has a thicker set of outer tread blocks that arc in one particular direction when mounted on the driver side tires. However, when the other set of tires is mounted on the passenger side tires and the "outside" label is oriented correctly, the thicker tread blocks remain on the outside edge of the tire but the tread blocks arch or arc in the opposite direction than those on the other side of the car. This does not make sense to me as I would have thought the tread was to curved in a particular direction to expell water.

Has the dealer/factory screwed up and installed two of the same direction tires ? I checked the front and the same situation exists. I would have thought there was specific left side and right side tire pattern manufactured making left and right unique.
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Actually that's how it should be. Michelin only makes one PS2 tire in various sizes, not a left and a right set. If we had equal tire sizes all around, you could actually mount the same one tire correctly for each corner.

As for the tread cross's going to look like this for all for wheels. There are many tire manufacturers that have this type of design including many other Michelin tire models.

LF /// RF ///
LR /// RR ///

As long as the tires are mounted correctly, inside to outside, there should be no issues.
+1 As long as the outside label is facing out, the tires are mounted and installed on the vehicle correctly.
Thanks for the feedback.

All 4 corners have outside label facing out so I guess all is O.K.
Thanks for the feedback.

All 4 corners have outside label facing out so I guess all is O.K.
If one of the wheels falls off, be worried :p Otherwise it sounds like your fine :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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