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hey everyone, just wanted to say im back for a little bit...i have been mia for a while just remember that this forums still existed. just wanted to say hello, and that i am getting rid of my F :(...going to pull the trigger on a GTR. My aftermarket pieces will be all on sale. I have posted it onto club lexus, but forever will i be a lexusF premium member. I am posting whats on sale in the sale section...come take a look
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Yeah Bro, I saw you post ads on the CL forum for the parts you were selling..
Good Luck on the GT-R..
It seems like several of the members on this forum are converting to GT-R..
Hopefully few years I'll have mine with the IS-F intacted.:D
haha, i wish i could keep both don't get me wrong...but i feel like the ISF will always be here...production won't ever be cut off, but the GTR is definitely a possibility...the another IS-F in the future is a def.
Nice, there are 2 in my town, pretty amazing seeing that car drive next to you in traffic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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