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met up with a z06 and a camaro and got baptized!

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So Im in naples driving home when in my rearview I see a z06 and camaro both black run up on me. We are on a 3 lane hwy and we are each in one lane. Im in the middle. I look at the vet and then the camaro and then we hit it. We are at 120 when the vet lets out a fighter jet wine and takes out like megatron in transformers 1. Im like wtf damn he dusted me. I look for the camaro and he is no were to be found. We ran out of site on him. The vett slows down gives me a thumbs up and pulls off on the exit. Amazing!
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The IS-F is definitely faster than the new camaro SS. I already raced him and give him over 3 cars length.
It was from about 50mph my car was stock... only had a joe z intake tube and a tom's drop in and i guess the camaro was stock too as it was still relatively newly released.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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