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I have a 2010 Mercedes Glk350 4matic. I've had it three years (longest I've ever kept a car!). It has moved with me from East Texas to the Ozarks.

In Texas it got decent mpg, in the mtns it gets awful mpg (average 9mpg). I have to replace the pricey tires on it yearly. It is very small and we are outgrowing it. Those are my only complaints.

I am hesitant to replace it because it is reliable, comfortable, drives great, and is unique looking. The paint on it looks almost new, and the windshield is very strong. I gave had several large rocks the windshield and the most damage is a small chip that isn't noticeable. The leather inside has held up well and looks new.

I am considering a 2014 Lexus GX. I have done research on the paint, and will be putting a protective barrier on the front (3m). How does the windshield hold up to debris hitting it? I do a lot of highway driving. Is it reliable? Comfortable? Do little things on them break constantly? How does the interior hold up?

I plan on this Lexus being my last car for a few years. I want to make sure it isn't a stress to own it.
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