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Having a ‘bad locks day’ should have nothing to do with your higher lip.

Imagine not having to tweeze, wax, cut or withstand the long, agonizing hours of electrolysis ever again! At Delta Laser device, we provide three options for laser light treatments with the Lightsheer Duet™, SoftLight and the XEO™, making this a reality for you. Men and women of all kinds of epidermis are now able to remove annoying and undesirable locks like returning locks, facial beard (such as the higher lip) and around the swimsuit place, rapidly, securely and effectively with laser light treatments.
What Can I Expect at Delta Laser?

Once you have taken the first step of reservation a free assessment for laser light treatments, our techniques professional will ask about and evaluate all your area(s) of concern (i.e. returning locks, swimsuit place, higher lip, underarms, feet, etc). She will recommend the best laser light treatments laser for your needs; and then discuss all details of the therapy such as your objectives and pre-treatment methods, while dealing with any issues and questions you may have. At this time a test spot on the preferred place will be performed using the appropriate laser for your epidermis and haired.

Delta Laser device is very careful about the technological innovation that we choose for laser light treatments treatments. First, all laser therapy must be safety and FDA-approved. Second, the laser therapy must be proven to be effective and reliable, not only in scientific tests but also on our employees. Third, we invest in the most current technological innovation that will benefit your needs – such as the speed, comfort and efficiency of the LightSheer Duet. Finally, our techniques professionals are experienced and we always have a doctor on employees in case you have any issues.

Get rid of that undesirable locks once and for all by reservation your free of charge assessment for laser light treatments in Surrey, Delta and White Rock today.
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