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Just testing out if there is any interest.

Lets Say Buffalo wild Wings On Westheimer and Kirkwood on AUG 17, 4pm or so.

there is already another car meet there that day for Nissan, just thought we could represent.

My budy drives a 350z so he invited me and now im inviting every IS F owner or IS tuned vehicles.

Please reply if interested
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count me in

1 speedjunkie + Guest
Hmmm......just drove in to Houston from Austin this past Saturday. Aston Martin dealer said I could drive the Vantage next time I'm in town. Unfortunately, they will be closed on Sunday Aug 17.

Not a total loss as I DID get to stop by my old stomping ground.....Goode Co. BBQ.
ill be in austin visiting a buddy of mine from wednesday to next monday. think were gonna be in houston for the weekend. this sounds like fun.
It's highly likely I will be able to make unless my FIL takes a turn for the worse. He had a knee replacement about 2 months ago and now has an infection in it. Wife took him to Methodist ER this afternoon.

Hope all goes well so I can make it to the meet.
Anyone else going

Who else is going
please post
SpeedJunkie, See you at Buffalo Wild Wings tomorrow afternoon. Hope the rain has stopped before then and the sun is shinning.
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