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Massive Sale on IS-F Parts...

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New york

So like I said...i am starting a phase with all my after market parts. Everything is literally brand new...I have driven with it for approximately 50-100 miles thats it. My car is always in the well as covered. I only have 8500 miles on my IS-F. I am taking the plunge on getting a GTR. Let me know

Ventross Aero Front Lip which has is cleared bra, but unfortunately there is a minor scratch on it....:( the scratch is on the clear bra, but I didn't want to take off the clear bra, because its looks better with it, but the scratch is on the bottom of the lip

The rear diffuser is perfect condition.

The boot lid is in perfect condition as is painted back to OEM Smoky Granite Mica, except for the spoiler and the license plate area...

Prices are:
Front Lip: 900+shipping
Rear Diffuser: 950+shipping
Boot Lid: 1350+shipping

PM me for any questions: no international shipping...

These are interad forged rims, with a matte black lip and a polished grey center finish. They are 20" with approximately 100 miles on them, very new. I bought the total with tires for approximately a little over $6000, but I am selling it for very cheap. The tpms are already installed, so basically just take your stocks off and put these on and your ready to go.

They are ready to be shipped in boxes and everything, $4000+shipping.

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If i was closer i would get some of those! Good luck with the GTR
You suck! LOL jk.

Good luck with the sale. I can vouch for jctheplaya888. He's a stand up guy.
ISFASTBIGA, pm me what your interested we can make a deal of some sort.

haha thanks ryan, haven't spoken to you in a while...text me buddy.
New prices...
Front Lip: 850+shipping
Rear Diffuser: 900+shipping
Boot Lid: 1300+shipping

Rims: $3900+shipping...
I don't need any of those parts, but good luck..
So, i have to ask: Are you selling the F and getting a GTR, or going to have both?!
I came awfully close to grabbing a GTR, but just couldn't do it..
^^^^This should answer your question:

i was going to keep the F, as an everyday, but then I thought about it cause I have a porsche cayenne turbo right now and its more logical to keep that as an everyday, plus it can go in the snow and all. So i am deciding to trade it in. But in the future I hope to have
Front Lip And Bootlid Sold!!! Rear Diffuser Left 900+shipping...great Deal :)
The GTR is a terrible daily driver. BMW M's, Mercedes AMG's, Audi RS's and the Lexus ISF are all far superior for the daily duties.

Congrats on the new GTR, you will love it!! Spend $2,000 on a tune and mid-pipe and you will have a 10 second street car.
not for sale sorry lol, i have a 2005 porsche cayenne turbo as a daily driver
Front Lip And Bootlid Sold!!! Rear Diffuser Left 900+shipping...great Deal :)
I would like to get the rear diffuser for 700 .. I will transfer the money today right away..
PM sent check your inbox
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