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March 13th NorthTexasLexus Meet

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Just wanted to post this information on here for anyone from the Dallas area interested in coming out and meeting fellow Lexus owners.

A bunch of the North Texas Lexus guys (NTL) are having a meet March 13th around 8 p.m. at Northpark mall. We will meet up there and then decide where to go for photos, hangout, food, etc.

There are a ton of various Lexus models in the NTL crew (1IS's, 2IS's, F's, etc. some stock, some have bolt ons, others are full out customized) so feel free to come out and say hey! I would like to meet some other F owners on here in the area!

Feel free to post here or PM me if your interested!
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Will do gpstrac, it looks like the date and place is set in stone right now, I'll get a more specific location soon :cool:
This meet is for sure gpstrac. Friday, March 13th at 8 p.m. at Northpark mall. Would you like to meet up with us there?
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