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lease on a 2010 is-f ridiculous deal here!

Hey Mani! I have a ridiculous lease deal on a 2010 IS-F. it's Obsidian Black on Black with all the options. Car only has 2,800 miles on it and there are 31 months left on the lease. Let me know if interested :) I am located in SW Florida.

Hey Guys. I am not an IS-F owner at present, but working out some stuff to get in to one by the end of the year:rolleyes:. So far, I have to decide between an IS-F and an M3. So you might see some krazy annoying topics by me asking some stuff on the IS-F.:confused:

I dont know y... but I have my heart more towards the IS-F. Might be coz I have been an Imports person all my life .... or probably coz there are like 20 people in my huge ass family that have at one point in life owned a lexus.

NEW or USED ...
Well honestly, If I am able to get a great deal on a 36 month lease, I would love to get in to a 2010.:cool: And then further down the road, I might just buy it out !;)

If not able to lease,:mad: I would go for a Used one with extremely low mileage and stay under the $45k tag:p ... That way i save some money for some new shoes :D

So any way ... neone else from the South Florida Area ?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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