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yeah i never heard the perma plate before but i heard of the 3XP program which is what i have i think its pretty much the same thing!, honestly its really hard to maintain any kind of dust or grime to the car!, i have it in a garage and its the same as if it was outside but its life who cares no one looks at that much detail into your car, no one else knows but you, honestly beginning right when i got the car i was so obesesed and i parked away from everyone and like did anything to get away from all other cars, the more i did that the more i found random scratches, but now i kind of changed and park normally but still leave a lot of room or sometimes take up two spots :D lol, and i don't get anything if u get minor scratches just buff it out and its like as if it was never there!, just dont worry about it really! just enjoy the car as long as you have it for, i mean obviously you want to look fly, but wash it once a week or once every two weeks, a car is bound to get dirty...enjoy it
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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