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Hey guys I have black IS-F and the maintenance is killin' me. I could cope with washing it regularly. But the little scratches are heart breaking. I dont know where the hell they came from. but all these little scratches always popping up out of nowhere. Also I have Perma-Plate so Lexus can fix all the little scratches under that perma-plate deal right? One more thing any advice on protecting the car from so much dust! would be helpful.:(
I can give advice on this from my own personal experience. The little scratches come from wiping the car with whatever you or your car wash guys are wiping it with. My best advice on black (I've owned a black vehicle now for almost 9 years) is to hand wash only with a microfiber sponge and dry with a CLEAN, NEW man made chamois. If you drop either the sponge or the chamois on the ground either throw it out or spray it off until you can't spray anymore. If you are hand washing, wash the wheels last with a completely different sponge. The brake dust contains small metallic pieces that will act like sandpaper on your paint! I also use a light liquid detailers wax on Most of the painted surfaces almost everytime I wash. It takes an extra 20-30 minutes but worth it. It fills in the small scratches. Microfiber towels are your best friend. Was the Perma-Plate something you got from your local dealer? I've not heard of it before.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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