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I haven't heard of the Perma-plate program before but like SuperFreak said, it sounds like a dealership program.

One of the biggest things to keep the car clean is what Doug said, wash the car with clean hand sponges, use fresh microfiber towels or chamois', etc. I would even say if you really want to be particular you can use two buckets to wash your car, one with soap and one with clean water to wash off your sponge after you have washed an area of the car with it to keep the dirt from accumulating at the bottom of the soap bucket.

As for dust, honestly, I would say use some type of Meguiars Quick Detailer or like Doug said, a quick liquid wax. It helps repel dirt, protect against scratches and keeps it looking shiny. I use it after every time I wash.

Some people love the California Car Duster but I personally haven't used one. I was thinking about getting one but heard that it can cause some scratches if you get dirt or something in it or if you press it to hard on your paint

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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