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Hey all,

Does anybody know what maintenance is required to maintain warranty? I was looking over the scheduled maintenance, and most of it seems to be basic inspections that Lexus is charging big money for. I was thinking of just having them change my oil, and bringing them the oil I want to be used.

In the maintenance schedule, it has stuff like rotating tires, which doesn't get done on our cars. ??? I wasn't paying attention and ended up paying an extra 90 dollars at the 10,000 mile service for them to "inspect a few basic things that I could have done myself in two seconds. I am coming up on 15,000 miles now and only want to get the things done that are necessary, not all this superfluous BS.
Here's the thing...although it may seem like BS to you. Toyota and other companies do infact look into the history of a car in case something happens. Do not let anyone tell you differently. From what I hear, Toyota is not all that great with honoring warranties. But let them inspect the car just to make sure everything is good.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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