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so my friends ex-boss, bought a new m6 a few weeks ago. we got to ride in it tonight. i found it interesting as he pulled up to meet us that we had car envy of eachother. he was quite interested in the ISF. he currently has 2 lexus' a lx and his wifes es. so we went for a ride in each, and he was totally blown away at how much smoother and faster the isf transmission was. we never raced them but he said mine felt quicker, altho his has a much higher top end, we got to 270 on a backroad like nothin, with plenty more left.

anyways we also found it funny that where we live, not many people look 2wice at either the isf or the m6. unless they actually know about cars. also there is about a 20 some year age gap between us, but he still gets up on weekends to watch formula one races ;)

just thought this was fun, thought i'd share one of my first F experiences with another car.
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That's Awesome, I was on order for a custom M6, but then realized so many of my friends had problems with BMW's in general canceled and got the F instead, Glad I made that choice, my friends e92 M3, first one on long island he lemon-lawed it, because it was constantly in service every week for whatever problems from differentials to everything else. Now he has an Audi S5, but thats just my preference on BMW, don't take any offense to it...
that was one of the first comments he made actually. he said "you know that if you keep this car (the lexus) for 10 years, its still going to run the way it does now, i hope the bmw doesnt have too many problems."
Kinda off the subject but anyone seen the image of 2012 M6? Very nice..God knows what the specs will be though!!
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