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Guys, I just wrote a 2 page long reason why I wanted this comparison. It logged me out and I cant retrieve it. I ll just be brief.

Could you please tell me why you chose the IS F over the E90 M3, if you drove it?

Ill be a dad in 2 months, selling my 06 ZCP m3 and buying one of the two above. Having a hard time choosing, Im sure some of you had the same situation.

Could you please tell me what did it for you? And thank you in advance, and also forgive me if this has been asked, I searched to the best of my abilities and couldn't find this point of discussion. thank you.
Congrats on the incoming!!!

I actually considered the E92 M3 and the ISF. What did it for me was the reliability and warranty factors that Lexus offers. Plus Lexus offers loaner vehicles while your car is in for service. BMW may have free maintenance but you will have to pay for the loan car if needed. Plus being in and out of dealership service deparments for work, I see too many new BMW in service departments with their engine, trans or wiring looms pulled out due to warranty issues. Don't get me wrong, I think the E92 M3 is a fantastic car...especially in a driving sense. However common sense tells me the Lexus will be reliable in it's lifetime in comparison to it's Euro counterparts.
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