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I have no idea where the $8-$10K 3 year maintenance cost comes from.

My ISF is a little over two years old and has slightly over 48,000 miles on it at this time.

I have replaced the tires once (Vredesteins 245/35/19s in front and 275/30/19s in the rear @ $850) and replaced the front front pads myself with new Ferodos ($275) just before one of three track days - have not yet replaced rotors. I expect I will get approximately another 10-15K out of my tires. So the maintenance cost, including brakes and tires for 60k miles will be around $1125.

Other than changing the oil and filter, no other cost, and no service required.

My wife has a 2008 BMW 335i convert. that has required BMW service twice thus far. She has about 20,000 miles on her car. Last week they replaced the fuel pump.

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