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Guys, I just wrote a 2 page long reason why I wanted this comparison. It logged me out and I cant retrieve it. I ll just be brief.

Could you please tell me why you chose the IS F over the E90 M3, if you drove it?

Ill be a dad in 2 months, selling my 06 ZCP m3 and buying one of the two above. Having a hard time choosing, Im sure some of you had the same situation.

Could you please tell me what did it for you? And thank you in advance, and also forgive me if this has been asked, I searched to the best of my abilities and couldn't find this point of discussion. thank you.

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Honestly, if you are buying these types of cars, money is not a concern. It's the fact that I do not WANT TO MAKE TRIPS TO THE DEALERSHIP UNLESS ITS FOR STANDARD MAINTENANCE. I know too many BMW owners that spend far too much time at their dealership. I've read from several sources that the M3 transmission loses it's luster as miles are put on, and it almost becomes "hesitant" when accelerating. We all know BMW's electronics are horrendous, their interior doesn't really do much, and the M3 marginally handles better than the IS-F. You can easily slap on a chip on a 335 or an M3 and outperform an IS-F, so if that 1 in 10000 chance of running into a chipped M3/335 concerns you, then by all means, buy a BMW. They are both easily improved engines though... I guess if you live on a track this matters, but I use my IS-F daily and tenths of a second performance has no impact on me. Neither does driving like a douchebag and trying to race every person at a stoplight. I haven't been to the dealership for anything aside from standard maint... Meanwhile my business partners driving around in 750s and 745s are always complaining about the maintenance... I also believe the M3 lacks personality and the styling is incredibly dull.

Plus... In Chicago, BMWs don't get me VIP parking at sporting events. I thoroughly enjoy the convenient parking in the Lexus only section when attending a Bulls game. If I bought the M3 I'd be parking with the rest of the steerage.
thank you phl, really appreciate the time you took to inform me. I think you and the fellow below have convinced me. It is SO TRUE, these fancy BMW's, alot of them have issues. The SMG III on the M5 is a good example. I havent seen any big issue yet with the DSG in the M3, but...time will tell!!

i drove the M3 3 or 4 times before buying my F

i drove a 6sp M3, in both 4dr and 2 dr

reasons i like the F:
-smoother(as in the motor, drivetrain ect, not so much the suspension)
-interior quality and design
-more comfortable for me
-more torque(easier to cruise around town i feel)
-felt like around town and in traffic it would be better/easier to drive
-japanese reliability and resale value
-seemed to me like everything was just easier to use and more user friendly

like I said i drove manual trans M3s, didnt have a chance to drive SMG, and the car I had before the Lexus was an 07 Acura TL Type S, 6sp, so i am actually partial to manuals, but for some reason i really liked the fact that the F was an auto.

granted for track purposes the M3 is probably a little faster/better, i just felt for my everyday driver the F was a much better choice. and have not been disappointed at all with my choice. I hated the interior of the BMW, it looked dated, heard horror stories about the iDrive, and just all around liked the F better, not to mention, it saved me some money, i think the M3 is a little over priced.

i plan on keeping the car for a long time, so maintenance, and reliability were big to me, and being a Lexus just seemed to be a better value for me for long term.

The m3 is a great looking car(coupe), but my F gets a ton of compliments!

thank you also. You know, I too coudl care about encounters, I really just love driving for personal reasons, not vehicular contest with others.

I think you also hit the nail on the head, and honestly, the ISF has a lot more torq on hand at any moment, anytime, so theoretically the ISF would actually be superior for putting or romping around town. By the time I wind out the 8400 rpm in second, Ill already be in exhibitionist territory on surface roads. The ISF just moved so effortlessly on the test drive, and power was sufficient.

Guys, I look, but beyond exhausts, I dont see any upgrades for the engine. are there new software maps "chips" or any other mods that make a noticeable gain in hp?

thank you again. can already tell, you guys are head & shoulders more agreeable than the M3 guys, man they have so much to prove, but to who? themselves? Douchebags. But the car is awesome, cant smear the car's integrity.
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