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i drove the M3 3 or 4 times before buying my F

i drove a 6sp M3, in both 4dr and 2 dr

reasons i like the F:
-smoother(as in the motor, drivetrain ect, not so much the suspension)
-interior quality and design
-more comfortable for me
-more torque(easier to cruise around town i feel)
-felt like around town and in traffic it would be better/easier to drive
-japanese reliability and resale value
-seemed to me like everything was just easier to use and more user friendly

like I said i drove manual trans M3s, didnt have a chance to drive SMG, and the car I had before the Lexus was an 07 Acura TL Type S, 6sp, so i am actually partial to manuals, but for some reason i really liked the fact that the F was an auto.

granted for track purposes the M3 is probably a little faster/better, i just felt for my everyday driver the F was a much better choice. and have not been disappointed at all with my choice. I hated the interior of the BMW, it looked dated, heard horror stories about the iDrive, and just all around liked the F better, not to mention, it saved me some money, i think the M3 is a little over priced.

i plan on keeping the car for a long time, so maintenance, and reliability were big to me, and being a Lexus just seemed to be a better value for me for long term.

The m3 is a great looking car(coupe), but my F gets a ton of compliments!


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Personally, i love my isf but with that said i recently had a friend who was hesitating between both cars and i'll tell you what i told him. The F is a great car and more exclusive. you wont see as many F's as M3's. the only major problem i have with the F is the maintenance is pretty expansive. you got to figure over a 3 year lease it will cost you about 10-12k of maintenance for breaks, tires, and other minor maintenances. Other than that it's a great car. Good luck!

ya i dont really get that either....

tires are going to be pretty much the same for any car that has any type of performance to it?

brakes, i got mine warrantied at 14k miles, because they were "squeaking" and they put all 4 new pads and rotors on for free. lol

and even if they didnt, if you shop around for pads and rotors, and either install yourself, or go to a local shop to have them put on, youll find its pretty reasonable, its not rocket surgery to install pads and rotors, even with the high performance brakes we have, its actually easier than a normal car, the just pop right out.

any tuner shop, wheel/tire place, random repair facility will put the pads and rotors on for pretty cheap i would imagine? you can have the same place that puts new tires on slap them on while theyre doing tires?

I would only go to the dealer for warranty work, or something major , because the prices are outrageous....

maybe thats just me though, because i bought mine used, and dont have the cash to be putting out 2-3grand at the dealer for brakes, that i can get done for 800-1000.00 else where, or 600.00 to do it myself.

shop around people...
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