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Today, one of my friends just got his 2008 BMW m3 back from getting fixed because they sold him one that was defected, if you guys didn't read the news a while back when the brand new m3's were getting shipped a lot of them were defected, and some how he got one but he got it back today, and he has an custom exhaust put in, wow its an amazing sound, we are going to post up pictures soon cars next to each other.

We raced each other one way starting at 30mph, but i shifted horribly so he had me by maybe 5 feet, and then on the way back we started from 20mph 2nd gear, we were neck and neck the whole time, until around 100mph then i had to slow down car in front of me, but it was amazing, its def a good race, if i did something to my car i think it would def have beaten him, even though the coupe is much lighter i believe cause isn't the sedan m3 c63 and isf going against one another so, yeah just wanted to share my story!

Ill post up videos of his exhaust of how loud it is
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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