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Gentlemen, I have been lurking for several months now so I wanted to join the forum. I currently do not own an IS F...but I have begun my research into this awesome help my decision for an IS F..or a GS 450h. I hope you don't mind some of my questions...I'm just trying to get the right vehicle for me.
I currently own a Supercharged I am a big fan of supercharging . If I may say...I have read criticisms of the IS F are mainly the harsher ride and "too many gears" . Do ya'll feel these issues will be addressed in the next Gen IS F..or are these so-callled issues overexaggerated?
Thankyou for having me aboard!

Harsher ride - I drive my IS F on a host of different driving conditions. If you are used to performance suspensions, this ride is tolerable. Rebound is a bit harsh if you aren't used to it. A good coilover suspension will cure the harsh ride if you are looking to lower it in the future or you are looking for adjustability.

Too many gears - I think 6 or 7 is plenty for this car. 8 gears are many for this car, but you will appreciate the fuel economy in return in long distance runs.

Lexus is very good at improving their products. I wouldn't doubt the next gen IS F will be better. But don't expect a new IS F anytime soon. It is possible the current generation IS (released in Feb 05 as a 2006 model) may stretch from the conventional 5 year cycle to possibly 6 or 7.
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