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LSD>>>>Way too much spin

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Any suggestions on changes to this LSD. I have an 08 and I just blow the right tire away in 1st and 2nd. I would like to do something to lock up both tires and stop the slip in the rear, because I dont think just changing the tire size is going to do enough...Maybe if I went to a 10.5 rim and 295 tire but I like the stock rims.
I know they are a little behind on aftermarket parts for our cars but it cant hurt to keep asking right?
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There is a torzen LSD I believe. I know the newer models come with one but I'm pretty sure torzen made one for the 08. A 295 would be more than enough rubber you'd have a hard time getting it to spin with both wheels locked. I have 295's on my sc with a 2JZGTE and in low boost (440 rwhp) it slips a little when I dump it around 2500 which is where it starts to make boost. It's a shame the stock rims aren't wider. I'm in the same boat as u I like the stock rims too much to change them.
There is no mechanical LSD for your 2008. There are talks of taking the 2010 ISF Torsen LSD and retrofitting them into our older ISFs. There is a thread on CL discussing this in depth.
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