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Lower Grill

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Has anyone taken out there lower grill? I can't seem to figure it out and am afraid I will break the plastic clips. I need to remove as there is a ton of debris in the lower section of the radiator almost blocking it off and I would like to do a good cleaning.

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You could always take off the bumper...

It's not hard at all. Just a bunch of clips up top that take minutes to get off and a few bolts down below and one on each side inside the fenderwell...

Shouldn't take you longer than 20-30 minutes tops to get off.
Thanks, I will check it out. I was hoping to just pop the grill out but it appears it is not that easy.

I've popped it half way out but never all the way. I was debating removing it too, I thought it would look a little more aggressive. Also I was contemplating making a CF flat piece to lay down inside there.
I think the CF would look great there. How did you pop it out?? From the bottom or the top and do the sections that attach just pop straight up? I think if I could just gain some access, I would be fine. I do like the CF idea though.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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