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Lotus and ISF

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Lotus using the ISF engine to generate 620bhp..wonder what they doing to the engine?
Would be a nice engine swap option!!!
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They are adding a supercharger to it. No need to swap the engine just get the SC assembly, the ECU, injectors and other bits and pieces and manage to fit it under the hood.
I just read at CAR magazine today that there will be two versions of the Lotus Elite, one with a 542hp and the R version which will carry the 612hp. It will be front engined and rear wheel driven and the team putting this thing together are honchos from Ferrari and Mercedes. They say that this will be a make or break model for Lotus.
The Elite was re introduced (they had the Elite in the 70's) last Sept. 30 at the Paris auto show.
I hope we can make that kinda power with our supercharger!
Hey Andy, that is enough of a teaser. Best to you and your team, Bud. Keep us posted.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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