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Its really not that big a deal.

If you come from a modified background, then you are use to lowering and changing the vehicle dynamics. I read the same things, doing the research before hand, now owning one, it is just what I would expect to keep me connected to the road. Most reviews, are just the press taking vehicles on a test drive 20 -30 minutes at a time and giving their opinion. The car and driver review is really the only one where they actually kept the car longer and reported on it properly.

As for reliability, its a Lexus! If your new to the brand then this is a foreign concept. It everything you have heard and more.

If you are expecting a floaty ride like in a Buick, then this car is not for you.

Could the ride be better....sure, but I would not have it any other way.

Once you drive this car, the power, the feel and the performance will make a short memory of what a critic's say about the ride.

Everything you need to discover and form an opinion on this vehicle can be found throughout this forum. Then you need to go test drive one, and see if it lives up to your expectations.

As these cars are not mass produced, it is a carefully built vehicle, that lives up to the Lexus standards.

If you are new to the brand then have a look at the "The Hard Way" commercials on you tube. Here is a link to get you started:

Sorry not enough posts to link search: You tube > "Lexus The Hard Way"

I'm sure you have seen this thread posted below:

"How many miles do you have on your F" (6 posts below this one)

It will tell you what current owners have reported on long term reliability at mileage intervals.

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