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Looking to buy an ISF, good idea or bad

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I am going to trade my wife's 2007 bmw 328 for a 2008 white on black ISF with 17k miles.

Is there any worries on buying a used ISF. Will the car hold up well with there being a posibilty of the previous owner flooring it all the time...

The car is coming out of a lexus dealer so it will be lexus certified.
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I just picked up a 2008 (used) with 22k LOVE the ISF!! Hands down the best car i have ever owned.

Ask the deal if it was a local trade. If so they will have the contact into from the prevoius owner, give him a call..
I bought mine used (3.7k miles) and I have had really good luck so far 20k+ miles later.

Hopefully with the car certified, it will make you less nervous about your purchase.

Good luck.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Bought mine used as well and knowing its a performance car you kind of know it was abused. If it was you simply cant tell as its bullet proof. Mine is driven hard almost every day and its still as nice as it was 16k ago when I bought it. I do not thnk you can go wrong with one of these.
Good luck with whatever you choose to buy.
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