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Looking to be a new member ~ Have a Z06 to Trade or Sell...

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Hi All,
I have been a lurker for a while and finally got off my butt to join. I am in the process of looking for a 2008/2009/2010 IS-f preferably in silver.

I currently have a Machine Silver 2004 Corvette Z06 with 10,500 miles that has been lightly modded and has about $7k worth of cool goodies installed. I am a master auto tech with about 25 years of experience and my car is set up & tuned very well. I need to sell the car or do a trade of some type. If anyone is interested you can PM me or I can list the mods here. I will really miss my Z06 (440 HP and 3125 lbs!), but it is a 3rd vehicle and with a baby in the family it is getting used less all the time. Thanks!

PS ~ I'll post some pictures in the next few days.
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Added pictures and description!

2004 Corvette Z06 ~ MINT Condition!
I am offering my 2004 Corvette Z06 for sale. The paint color is called Machine Silver with the black interior. There were only approx 800 Machine Silver Z06's built & 2004 was the only year (earlier years were a much lighter silver called Quicksilver). This Corvette Z06 has a very late build date (April 2004) ~ one of the last of the C5 Z06's to be produced! It has all the available options including the Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Electro-Chromatic (auto-dimming) inside & outside rear view mirrors. It has been driven only 10,500 pampered miles in the last 6 years! I am a mature 47 y/o who is also a master automotive technician. This car was purchased in Southern California and has never left the state. The car that has ALWAYS been garaged and is covered when outside for more than 10 minutes! Two car covers are included. The paint has been professionally polished & this Corvette Z06 has never been driven in the rain. It has never been abused or been taken to a race track. No accidents & no paint work, EVER. There is not one scratch on this car. The car still wears the original tires and they have at least 75% tread left ~ that should give you a good idea how this car was treated. It has been treated correctly, but trust me, it is very fast. It is approximately 440 horsepower and extra care has been taken to insure the vehicle weight has been kept to a minimum (approx 3150 lbs!). An inspection and test drive by any serious party is welcome. I have every single receipt and detailed records for all of the extras that have been added to this car. All work has been done by me except the wheel alignment. NOBODY else has ever touched this car. The engine bay, wheels wells and undercarriage are spotless and look like new.

Here is a list of the extras:
• GM Power Antenna ~ Much nicer looking than the original fixed mast and don't need to remove the antenna to cover the car.
• Piaa Driving Lights ~ Professionally wired to the factory fog light switch. Automatically goes on when disarming, etc, just like factory.
• Vinci 180 Deg Thermostat ~ The fans have been programmed to the proper corresponding temperature ~ the car always runs cool.
• Hurst Shifter ~ With fully adjustable shift stops and bias springs. It feels great!
• Lloyds Z06 Floor Mats
• Travel Buddy Cup Holder ~ Looks like a factory item ~ holds large and deep drinks.
• iPod Adapter ~ Plays and charges your iPod thru the factory radio!
• Stainless Rear Exhaust Plate with Corvette Emblem
• Premium Window Tint ~ With a lifetime warranty.
• GM Front & Hood Bra ~ The front of the car is completely rock chip free. Try to find that on most Corvettes!
• GM Ceramic 'Dustless' Brake Pads ~ Stops great and the wheels stay much cleaner longer.
• Corvette Concepts Rear Blackout Fascia ~ Looks great on the Machine Silver car ~ very subtle.
• GM Rear Trunk Storage Compartment Cover ~ Provides much more usable rear storage area.
• OEM Z06 Speedline Wheels ~ Powdercoated Glossy Black & Cleared Coated
• Professionally Painted Center Caps
• Cargo Area Partition ~ With Corvette logo.
• Jacking Pads ~ Makes it easy to jack up the car from any of the four corners with no damage.
• Factory Tire Pressure Monitoring System Installed!!! ~ This option was never available on the 2004 Z06!
• Stainless Steel Air Duct Screens in Front / Sides / Rear
• Performance Alignment ~ With a tad more negative camber for better cornering ~ the tires wear perfectly.
• GM Trunk Cargo Net
• Column Lock Bypass Installed
• Elite Engineering Gas/Dead Pedals
• Elite Engineering Chassis Stiffener
• Elite Engineering PCV Catch Can ~ Black Anodized
• MGW Black Anodized Shift Knob ~ Absolutely beautiful & can't get 'em anymore.
• Raptor Programmable Shift Light ~ With Blue LED's!
• Blackwing Intake ~ With recleanable air filter element.
• American Racing Stainess Steel Headers ~ The best money can buy.
• Borla Stinger Exhaust ~ With twin 4" polished stainless tips. Sounds unbelievable with the headers.
• Cool-Sox Spark Plug Wire Protectors
• Performance ECM Tune by Charlie @ RPM Motors ~ Car runs beautiful and VERY strong.
• Amsoil Synthetic Transmission & Differential Fluids Installed ~ Mobile-1 always used in the engine.
• Magnetic Engine & Transmission Drain Plugs
• Sparco Leather Steering Wheel! ~ With optional billet trim ring and carbon fiber horn button.
• Johnson Controls Premium Battery ~ less than 6 months old.

Drivetrain: 5.7L LS-6 engine & 6-speed Tremec transmission.

Click on the link (below) for a walk-around video of the car. Car sounds awesome in person but the tiny camera mic just doesn't do it justice....

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I'm still looking if anyone is interested in a Z06 Corvette.....
Still Looking....

Still looking for an IS-f & still have an awesome Z06 with 10,750 miles for sale or trade.
Nice vette! If I were a cop, you'd get a speeding ticket for just owning it.
Nice vette! If I were a cop, you'd get a speeding ticket for just owning it.

PS ~ And thanks for not being a cop. ;)
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