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Like the OP, I have been looking at the IS-F for the same reasons. I'm not looking to modify at all or taking it to the track, but I like the idea of the power at my fingertips if I so need it. I was also considering looking at the new Audi S4s and possibly the S5s, but as I currently already own a Lexus, I love the reliability that I've enjoyed with them thus far, so I'm hesitant on going German.

I've been cruising the boards for sometime and reading what everyone has to say, and there is definitely great information here and I appreciate everyone insight, but I do have a question on how well the car handles in terms of traction. In terms of how well the car glues to the ground and how much slippage do you guys typically see? Like if I'm at a stand still and like floor it, do you tend to see a lot of wheel slippage or burning out with all that power to the rear? I'm also take into consideration that some of this will factor in as to how worn down your wheels are and whether traction control is on (in this case let's assume it's on). Some of these questions I assume can be answered through a test drive, but sadly I haven't had a chance to make it out. Thanks in advance for your knowledge, and hopefully I'll be able to join the ranks of IS-F owners soon! :D
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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