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Hello all,

I came here looking for input and advice. After much deliberation I have decided on an ISF over an M3 and E63 AMG (I plan on keeping the car for 10+ years and don't want to play the reliability game with high end German cars).

Right now I am between 2 vehicles and am trying to gauge pros and cons. I am aware that the 2010 has some updates like the torsen LSD and updated NAV. I have no intention of taking the car to a track so I'm not sure how much the LSD would matter for daily driving (is it possible to swap in a mechanical one down the line?). Also I've heard a few complaints about the NAV, is there a big change on that between 2008-2010.

$37k 2010 ISF 70k miles (third party warranty offered; stock fully loaded; Black on black)

$34k 2008 ISF 68k miles (Certified warranty until 2016; Joe Z exhaust and intake pipe (mods I would do myself regardless), fully loaded; Blue on white)

I prefer the Blue over the black (I wish there was a white one around) but I don't want color alone to be a deciding factor (I could always wrap it later).

There are a few lower mileage versions in the area but are not colors I am a fan of (~50k miles). I plan on keeping the vehicles for a long time so mileage is only a concern in terms of reliability rather than resale. I am coming from a 1991 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo so I am no stranger to working on cars, I just hope its at my leisure instead of it just $h!tting itself like my stealth.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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