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Little Frenchie

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Hi everyone, i'm Michael from France.
Former owner of a RPS13 as daily drive and drift car ...Some pictures will follow soon.
Otherwise I hope soon user of a IS-F.
And sorry if I have a bad English.:rolleyes:

A very soon.
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Welcome "frenchie";) You will love driving the IS-F, let us know when you get it!
thx for your welcome, no problem when i've get it.

And now some pictures of my RPS13 ;) ...

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Welcome Michael! Don't forget to show us your new IS-F when you get it.
Salut le normand (76) Seine Maritime,

Bienvenue et met nous des photos du monstre des que tu l'auras :)!

Take it easy,

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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