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Lexus Warning Message is One Very Engrish Typo

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There's an urban legend that Mitsubishi originally wanted to name the Starion, the ultra-80s turbo terror, the "Stallion," only to FUBAR the translation. Say what you will about stereotypical Japanese pronunciation—somebody at Lexus isn't helping that cliché.

A GS450h hybrid recently ran out of juice in Holland, only to display the unintentionally hilarious message "low traction battely." Whoopsie-daisy! It's unknown how many GS hybrids—nay, Lexus hybrids in general—are running around with the error-message equivalent of All Your Base; maybe their owners should idle their hybrid cars to oblivion and find out. Oh no, somebody set Lexus up the bomb!

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A typo is bad enough, but one that emphasizes a stereotypical accent is hillarious!!!
ror! ruv it!
Thanks for the laugh.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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