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Lexus vs Honda

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Please suggest me i am looking to buy a car, Honda accord is 2003 2.4L 4cy 120,000 mil 4 door sedan and price is $5000. The other is the 2001 Lexus ES300 with 115,000 The Lexus is $4500. Which is a better car in term on reliability, safety etc.. Also there is a Mazda 3 2006 for 100,000 miles for $5000.
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i would only go for honda as it is the sensational version among all other car versions..
This thread is the very reason this forum is going to the dogs. Nothing makes sense and neither post is not even remotely related to the ISF. This forum is rapidly becoming a waste of time:mad:


It seems like most of the members that were originally active in this forum have left and as you said it has gone to the dogs. I had to sell my IS-F, so I know that I don't visit nearly as much as I used to. This used to be a really helpful forum, but it is almost totally spam now. :(

Is a 2007 is250 with 51k miles clean title for 14300 private seller a good deal ? Will going for 13k doable? My first time looking at a lexus. Anything I need to look for when checking out the car?
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