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Lexus SEMA Video

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Figured this would interest everyone. It is a video of the first day of SEMA with all Lexus'. There is the Five Axis GS and two IS-F's, one is the Artisan one the other I can't remember, enjoy :cool:
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That GS is gorgeous.

I should be there right now.
this video is private???
how do i watch it?
Fixed :) (taking up space to be able to post)
Thanksss!! The GS looks amazing.
cant wait till tomorrows video
awesome i really want to get the orange is-f parts which is made by artisan right? the twin turbo!!!
anyone know any numbers

anyone know any numbers on the greddy supercharger or anything

2008 lexus is-f -blue
2009 lexus lx 570- silver
2008 honda pilot- white
2008 ford explorer -silver
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wow! Man those are some nice cars. I love that GS 460, looks very sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in Vegas and saw one of the F's from SEMA last night, along with one of the nicest cars I have ever seen in my life. It was a custom Nissan GT-R. There was a group of them in the hotel I'm staying at and they were all parked downstairs. Insane F, I'm going to try and find out which one it was, it had a compete carbon fiber hood, stock exhaust, carbon fiber front fenders.

Anyway, heres another SEMA video for y'all
550hp Already on the Greddy S/C Kit..WOW! Keep us updated on the SEMA Mike!! Post some Pics..
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