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Lexus SEMA 2008: Import Tuner/Tein IS F

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The build up:

IS F by Import Tuner Magazine/TEIN

Import Tuner Magazine and TEIN suspension company put their collective heads and expertise together to create an IS F that’s focused on track performance, while still remaining practical for the street. Weight reduction, added chassis stiffness, special suspension and big sticky tires take care of the corners, while a comprehensive nitrous system boosts the engine for bursts of overtaking power. Coming soon to a track near you.


• Five Axis dry carbon front lip
• Black chrome dipped emblems and front grill
• Smoked headlights
• S&A Design vinyl

• Bride racing seats (Brix II for driver, Xax II for passenger)
• Custom tinted interior trim
• TEIN Dampachi mascot

• NOS 12.8 lbs composite bottle
• Nitrous bottle opener
• Single fogger wet nitrous system
• Quick release bottle bracket
• Ntimidator dual LED purge kit
• Nitrous bottle heater
• P.O.D. system
• Nitrous pressure gauges
• K&N intake
• Tom’s Linear Throttle Controller

• Fujitsubo custom full titanium dual exhaust

• TEIN re-valved Comfort Sport monotube coilovers with Electronic Damping Force Control (EDFC)
• SPD Metal Works adjustable fr. upper cont. arms
• M1 Fabrication stitch-welded body seams (strategic locations)
• Tom’s upper performance rod
• Tom’s front and rear suspension member braces
• Tom’s rear body strengthening brace

• Volk RE30s
o Front: 19x9”; +38 offset
o Rear: 19x10”; +38 offset

• Yokohama Advan Sports
o Front: 255/35-19
o Rear: 275/35-19

• Brembo GT Big Brake kit
o Front: 6-piston calipers and two-piece rotors
o Rear: two-piece rotors
• Baker custom rear stainless steel brake lines


Import Tuner magazine and Tein have joined forces to build the fourth Lexus IS F for SEMA. They've decided to focus less on the drivetrain and more on chassis and suspension mods, and lightening the car up. This isn't just a show car, either. After SEMA, this IS F will compete in the Street Class of the Super Lap Battle time attack finals at Buttonwillow Raceway. Check out Import Tuner's IS F ride page for more pics and specs, and stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to SEMA.

Originally posted by: Dascrow
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Im getting my party boy suit ready for SEMA :D
This is great, it's at least a start in the right direction.Cant wait to see when someone starts working on the engine :D's difficult to look at the car with all the guts torn out... :)

I'll be interested to see what they come up with.
that sicks they going to make that really light thats awesome!!
Two things caught my attention when reading this:

1. The best/cheapest way to make improvements to a car without tinkering with engine mods is to shed pounds and fine tune the suspension. Kudos import tuner!

2. The greddy one off exhaust with titanium tips looks incredible and i'm sure sounds awesome. Can you imagine the sound in third gear rolling 80 mph in a tunnel? Trust/Greddy has a great reputation in the industry and it is only a matter of time before their exhaust goes into production.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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