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Lexus SEMA 2008: Fox Marketing/Artisan Perfromance IS F

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IS F by Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance

Fox Marketing and Artisan Performance teamed to create this subtle yet aggressive makeover of the already aggressive IS F. The subtle part involves the numerous bodywork changes, which enhance rather than rethink the lines of the IS F, making it look even more muscular in the process. ‘Aggressive’ can be applied to the engine which gets the full twin-turbo treatment. Fox expects the changes will yield something north of 600 horsepower.


• BASF Glasurit Sunset Orange Pearl paint
• Webasto Hollandia 9001 sunroof
• Licensed Fox Marketing front bumper
• Licensed Fox Marketing side skirts
• Licensed Fox Marketing rear valance
• Custom fender flares
• Lightwurkz BASF Black painted HID headlights
• Lightwurkz BASF Black tinted taillights
• Impressive Signs graphics
• Meguiar's Car Care Products
• Paint & body by Powell Customs

• Black leather seats with blue stitching
• Callaway golf clubs in the trunk

• Artisan Twin-Turbo kit
• Artisan air intake with AMSOIL filter
• Artisan front mount intercooler
• Brian Crower connecting rods
• JE Pistons
• Mishimoto radiator
• AMSOIL 0w-30 synthetic engine oil
• AMSOIL transmission fluid
• Tuned by Kenny Strickler -

• Artisan cat-back exhaust Suspension
• Eibach Pro Kit Wheels
• Front: 20x9.5 iForged FS Imola
• Rear: 20x11.5 iForged FS Imola

• Front: 255/35-20 Toyo T1R
• Rear: 305/30-20 Toyo T1R


Guys wanted to sign and show you the Fox/Artisan Is-f. This vehicle is being built for Lexus and the 2008 SEMA show. It will officially debut in the Lexus booth SEMA 2008.

The IS-F will be in the Toyo Tires booth this weekend @ the Toyo Tire Nationals in Maple grove.

Artisan will be working very closely with Lexus launching performance parts for the IS-F with potential release prior to SEMA. Artisan will have exhaust, intake, pullies and a turbo kit on the vehicle by November. I would think we will have the exhaust and intakes in stock by the end of Sept.

Just wanted to let the community know of the products in the works.

Enjoy the pics

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WOW!! I like that color on the "F", it looks really good on the car! Please keep us updated on some performance parts for the "F". THANX for the pics!!
That is sick! :eek: Is the rear fender extended at all? It looks wider then the stock fender perhaps its just the way the wheels sit tucked in the fender. It is bada** either way, I can't wait to see what they have to offer, especially the turbo kit! Can you post a video of the exhaust and intake sound please, I really wanna hear the car :D
Awesome, please keep us updated!

Man im dying for a Exhaust and a Air intake badly on my isf i only got 128 miles on it lol.. but im always looking for more Horse power... wish lexus would do something for a turbo / super with Warranty

and that orange isf looks insane i love it.
it looks like it has a Carbon fiber roof on it too?.
but its probably just painted black.

November is a great time for parts my birthday is in November so that sounds Awesome!
Man im dying for a Exhaust and a Air intake badly on my isf i only got 128 miles on it
Swift Racing has an exhaust and intake for the F if you can't wait for one. Borla's exhaust should be out very soon also.
magic for some odd reason i don't wanna go with the Swift stuff for the whole reason that i never heard of them. and i was listening to the exhaust and it sounds pretty horrible. i mite do borlas with cut outs. for intake i mite wait for that artisan one
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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