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Lexus SEMA 2008: 0-60 Magazine IS F

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The build up:

IS F by 0-60 Magazine

With track performance a common theme among IS F builders, 0-60 Magazine ups the ante on their IS F project with a supercharger to tease out another load of horses from the big V8. Carbon fiber body components reduce weight while lowering the center of gravity and a custom roll cage adds stiffness and protection. A beefy brake upgrade kit was added to balance the performance equation.


• Seibon Carbon Panels: Hood, Fenders, Trunk, Spoiler

• Design Craft Fabrication custom roll cage
• Sparco Chrono Road Seats wrapped with interior-matching leather

• Greddy MP92 Supercharger w/ custom aluminum intake manifold
• Greddy Intelligent Informeter Touch
• Greddy Intake and filter
• Braille Carbon Battery

• Custom system using Greddy Spectrum Elite components

• Tein Super Street Coilovers w/ EDFC Kit

• Yokohama Advan Racing RZ Wheels
o Front: 19x9”
o Rear: 19x10”

• Hankook Ventus EVO V12:
o Front: 245/35-19
o Rear: 275/30-19

• Performance Friction Lexus IS F Z-Rated brake upgrade kits (front and rear):
o Forged 4–piston monobloc calipers
o Radial mount caliper brackets
o 2-piece rotor/hat assemblies (372mm front; 355mm rear)
o Z-rated Carbon Metallic ® multipads specifically for IS-F chassis
o Stainless steel braided brake lines
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The Greddy S/C is now alive!
Bada$$! I can't wait till after SEMA when the aftermarket really opens up :)
I'm glad to see other's are out their doing what they can for the IS-F and Lexus community !!
yeah that car is definetely going to be very sick!!!
the exhaust makes the car sound too much of a mustang... =\ ... i'm wondering if HKS or BLITZ will come out with an exhaust system for the F... btw HKS has a full exhaust system for the '09 skyline GTR... =( but none for the F yet
It's probably most likely the sound quality of the video that's all but if i were to hear it in person it might change my statement
me to i cant wait ill aftermarket parts open up for us
I'd be worried about the super charger eat up the trans.. Id be interested to see the reliablity. This is awesome.
this car has so much potential im still wondering why many magazines overlook this car and dont pay any attention to it. this car is passed over by many of the big magazines i.e. Car and Driver, Automobile, ect.
jeez.... I'm ready for this Supercharger :-\
So whats the latest on this? Is the supercharger being made for the public? Is there a ready to buy supercharger for the ISF? What are some dyno numbers? I spoke to tranny experts at level 10 They said the supercharger is the best thing when dealing with a automatic car and would rather that than a turbo. Anybody else familiar on this topic please chime in.
I guess the supercharger is dead. How disappointing Maybe just too few ISFs to warrant producing?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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