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Lexus Releases F-Sport Line for IS250 C and IS350 C

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To coincide with the launch of the new IS250 C and IS350 C hard-top convertibles, Lexus is releasing a line of F-Sport performance parts for both models. Manufactured in-house by Toyota's performance parts division TRD (Toyota Racing Development) the parts are essentially the same as those already offered for the sedan models.

While there aren't any big power adders (sorry, no TRD supercharger here), the F-Sport line does include a new exhaust system as well as an air intake. Making the driving experience that much more riveting is an F-Sport clutch and short shifter (for the IS250 C with the six-speed manual transmission).

Upgrading the car's overall driving dynamics are a set of lowering springs (which reduce ride height by one inch) as well as a set of specially tuned Bilstein shocks. And to add some more rigidity to the chassis of these convertible models is a rear chassis brace as well as larger front and rear sway bars.

A set of 19-inch wheels not only improved the look of the car but allows for some wider 225/35/19 front and 255/35/19 rear tires. F-Sport offers a big brake upgrade with six-piston front rotors and four-piston rear calipers with 14- and 13.6-inch rotors respectively. And for extreme cases a carbon ceramic set is also available.

Other highlights in the F-Sport lineup include an aero kit, spoiler, carbon fiber engine cover and an F-Sport shift knob.

See a full list of the parts available after the jump and see our review of the IS350 F-Sport (with pricing on parts) here:More: Lexus Releases F-Sport Line for IS250 C and IS350 C on
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I had a chance to drive both the 350C and a manual 250 C

last Saturday at the Lexus event at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, CA. The top drops on both cars in 21 seconds while you hold the button down the full time. There is a gage/meter on the instrument panel, ala a computer program meter, to let you know the progress of the top drop, kind of cool.

The IS 350C had the "Full F" package, though the people there could not tell me what that was. It did have the "F" brakes, the exhaust, was lowered, but I could not see under the car to see anything else "F" wise. It was a fun ride with minimal wind nose even up around 60 MPH, the fastest I was able to take it due to traffafic on the prescribed road route. The leg wells are about 2-3" deeper then a normal IS due to the lengthened doors and frame siffening required for the drop top. Sound wise the F exhust is a waste of money on the C models as with the top down you can't hear the all to quiet F exhaust hardly at all. All in all a nice convertible ride.

Next I drove the IS 250C which had the true manual 6 speed tranny. Though 200 plus HP less then my IS-F, and 100 plus HP less then the IS 350 C, it was a blast to drive. The very nice clutch pedal let off and short throw shifter and TRUE manual tranny made this a fun car to drive. It supposedly had the "F" sway bard\s and brakes on it also though I could not see the "F" bars even though I got down on my hands and knees and tried to see it. But the car pointed in very nicely, responded to all driver inputs very well and really felt like it wanted to "run" and have some fun on the curvey course we went out on. Though I would LOVE to see the IS 350 with a true manual, the IS 250C with the manual was a ton of fun to drive.

The one limiting factor on all of the C cars IMHO, including the BMW competing line, is the total lack of trunk space when the top is down. There might be room for one golf bag, but no way could two fit in. And maybe you might get two small overnight bags in the trunk, but no 26" lug and tug suitcase is going to fit with the top down. Guess we'll have to drive to our weekend resorts with the top up and only put the top down once we've unloaded the trunk at the Resort? :)

Great fun with both cars and I highly suggest you check them both out at your local Lexus Dealer.
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That is not a flattering picture. Looks horrible....
Unfortunately i must agree. It looks hideous.
I am afraid that there are not too many cars out there that look good as convertibles. Especially, i do not find 4 seater cars(even a coupe) attractive as convertible's.
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