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Lexus RC F Performance Coupe - Official

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all sound and solid and the colour combination of blue and back is also appealing .. i am looking towards it
If I didn't have a daughter I would be all over this car! Looks amazing. Massive power as well.
Does anybody else think the exterior looks like the love child of a IS F sedan and a Subaru BRZ??? lol..and I mean that in the nicest most positive way possible :D In all seriousness, I do like a lot of the styling queues and features (both interior & exterior). I think, and I may be alone in this, that largely depending upon price point & the fact that it's a coupe this is going to be a car that is targeted at a very small & specific group of buyers/enthusiasts. Either way things like a 450+hp V8, carbon fiber roof, torque-vectoring rear differential (sounds pretty serious - haha) and other interior features/amenities are not only hard to argue with but pretty tempting! Despite how it may come across I am a fan.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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