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Lexus Planning Sporty LS460 SZ

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According to a recent report in Japan's Best Car magazine, Lexus is planning a sport version of its flagship LS sedan. The LS460 SZ, as it is to be called, will get a stylish new aero kit with a new front and rear bumper, new side skirts and a dark black chrome grille.

The SZ badge, rather than an "F" badge indicates that this is not a high performance model, so don't look for any big power upgrades. Still, drivers are sure to appreciate an upgraded Brembo braking system and a new set of BBS wheels.

According to 4WheelsNews the price works out to $94,425, but Lexus hasn't officially admitted the LS460 SZ is coming.

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Looks beautiful..iv loved the look of the LS..cant wait to see more
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