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Lexus NX Crossover Concept Revealed with Wild Styling

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Lexus just pulled the digital sheet from its Frankfurt-bound concept car: the LF-NX Concept.

With it, the brand previews its plan to begin marketing a premium compact crossover — a critical segment Lexus lacks a product for. When the physical cloth comes off on September 10 in the halls of the Frankfurt Motor Show, fans and prospective buyers will see more than the design study companies often bring to gauge consumer reaction.

Under the crossover’s heavily styled skin, there’s a new version of Lexus’ hybrid drivetrain (likely that out of the ES300h) tuned specifically for SUV performance. Additional information about what that actually means is still unavailable, but past reports and spy photos suggest the company isn’t too far from revealing its production model.

Rumors suggest the NX lineup will be the first to use a turbocharged 4-cylinder motor as well.

Certain elements, like the tiny side mirrors and headlights will wind up looking more like the larger equipment seen on current cars. But the car’s overall body shape will probably stay close to the concept in its production form.

The cabin uses touch-sensitive electrostatic switches and looks like an evolution on some of the functional design found in the current IS sedan line. Many of the especially futuristic-looking design elements will be toned down and pruned back, but Lexus has designed the cockpit to look like a natural step from its current cars.
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