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Lexus LS-F 'TMG Edition' Spied With Flared Fenders, 650-HP

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A selection of photos of what is reported to be a new Lexus LS-F model testing at the Nurburgring are circulating the net this morning, but there's more to this story. Several weeks back pictures of the car first hit the net along with photos of an upcoming LFA GTE race car that will be campaigned at the 24 Hours of Le Mans next year. At the request of Toyota those pictures were taken down, but they did not disappear and have reemerged now that the car has been spied again and this time there are detailed specifications as well.

The widebody DTM-style uber-sedan (can you call a Japanese luxury sedan uber?) is actually named the TMG (Toyota Motorsport GmbH) Edition and looks to have been built by the brand's motorsports division. The specs are intriguing but not exactly conclusive with a 650-hp engine reportedly under the hood. Thanks to a spied spec sheet the TMG Edition's engine has a displacement of 5.0-liters and revs to 9000 rpm. Could it be a twin-turbo version of the IS-F motor? Or perhaps a larger displacement version of the LFA's engine? We have a feeling more will be revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show in December.

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That ISF and this LS share a lot of styling similarities. Both were and still are being tested at Nurburgring.



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Sorry. misread your post, it's the same car.:eek:

Wow. I can't wait to see what Lexus does with this. Hopefully it does make it to the sales floor bringing with it aftermarket parts for the IS F.
Lot o "SPIED" shots comming from this garage bay ;)....i want track spied shots/video in Mark Levinson sound please.
i want track spied shots/video in Mark Levinson sound please.
Here ya go. :) No Mark Levinson though.:(
Aks and you shall receive....thank you sir.
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