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Lexus LFA Roadster Not in Toyota's Production Plans

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Lexus won't confirm if it will build the LFA Roadster, which we first saw in concept form at the Detroit Auto Show, but according to recent reports Toyota's luxury arm has no plants to bring the a drop-top version of its supercar to market any time soon.

Instead Lexus will focus on developing the coupe version, as well as the even higher-performance Nürburgring Edition.

Lexus has not indicated whether an open-top LFA is even possible. With the coupe model employing a carbon monocoque chassis, the entire cabin of the car is essentially an enclosed shell of carbon fiber. This means that a convertible version isn't as easy to do as just remove the roof and add in some extra supports.

Often automakers build convertible versions as a way to cash-in on a model, with drop-tops priced higher and allowing additional sales, while also reducing cost through economies of scale. Toyota's lack of interest in deliver an LFA Roadster speaks to a surprising shift away from mass-produced automobiles – at least as far as it's flagship sports car is concerned.

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