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A car ten years in the making after two years of production Lexus has completed building its final LFA supercar, marking an important end of the brand, as well as a new beginning.

On Friday, December 14th Lexus completed LFA number 500, a white Nurburgring Package model produced in even more limited quantities. While just 500 LFAs have been built, only 50 of them were Nurburgring editions. Lexus says the final car will undergo evaluation and testing before it is delivered to its owner.

The supercar’s role for Lexus is far from over, however, with Lexus promising that the LFA will inspire future models both in spirit, and in the technical skills gained while building it.

In a release, Lexus states that future vehicles, “will reflect the technological skills gained during the development and production of the LFA—in particular manufacturing know-how for carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts—as well as a philosophy of car design for delivering exhilarating and stimulating driving performance.”

For years luxury rivals such as BMW have been incorporating carbon fiber into their vehicles in a bid to save weight. Now it appears as though the effort Lexus went through to develop the carbon fiber chassis for the LFA will be shared across future vehicles, perhaps as early as the brand’s new flagship performance machine, the LF-LC concept.
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