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The Lexus LFA has been on the auto show circuit for quite some time now and owners have even started to take delivery of their Japanese supercars, but what about that special Nurburgring edition?

Announced several months ago, the limited edition LFA (just 50 of the 500) will make its first official appearance at the Geneva Auto Show in just a few weeks time.

Designed to show how the car was honed on the world famous re track, the LFA Nurburging gets a special front splitter and rear spoiler, inspired by the racing version of the car. Also included is a more aggressive suspension setup, an extra 10 horsepower and even quicker shift times.

Priced at an additional $50,000 over the already expensive $375,000 base price, the LFA Nurburgring will be available in orange, white and gloss black, with a special matte-back paint scheme adding an extra $20,000. We can't wait to see what color the Geneva show car is and will be sure to deliver plenty of photos with coverage starting March 1st. Until then, check out our 2011 Geneva Auto Show preview here.

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