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It's no surprise that Lexus has taken deposits for all 5o0 LFA supercars (despite the skepticism of various internet forum posters). As its $375,000 pricetag may suggest, this car is only for the extremely well-heeled, and at this price point, individuality matters more than quantitative performance.

One place where the LFA seems to have taken off is in Germany, where 33% of European orders have been placed. According to a report in Automotive News, customers in Germany and other European countries were enamored with the strong emphasis Lexus places on customer service and making the buying experience as pleasant as possible. By contrast, the European brands have a bit of a reputation as treating their customers with less than friendly behavior, not to mention the only LFA approved dealer is in London, so one can imagine how poorly certain companies must treat prospective clients.

The most apt analogy came from one interview subject in the article, who compared the LFA to an expensive wristwatch. "To most people, it's an unknown quantity," he said. "But true aficionados know its value." Well said, sir, and in any case, the deafening roar of the Lexus V10 will leave no doubt that the LFA is a very special machine.

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