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Lexus LFA II Rumors

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The Lexus LFA is undoubtedly a supercar, but many criticized its lofty $375,000 price tag.

When compared to its performance rivals that figure seems downright excessive. After all, for $225,000 you can land a Ferrari 458 Italia or for $90,000 there’s the Nissan GT-R. Then again, at this level you’re paying as much for exclusivity as for price and with just 500 units ever made, and the fact that the LFA is undoubtedly Japan’s first ever supercar, the automaker had no trouble finding buyers.

Based on that car’s success and Toyota’s newfound performance spirit under the leadership of CEO Akio Toyoda, Lexus is already preparing a successor that will be vastly more impressive in terms of performance. It will also be vastly more expensive.

Our well-connected source was informed by a senior Toyota executive who prefers to remain anonymous that plans for an LFA II are currently in the works. The new supercar has been described as twice the car, with a significantly higher performance level. To match that new performance, pricing will climb steeply, into the range of $800,000 to one million dollars.

Like the LFA it will be an exclusive product, but even more so than the original, with plans to produce just 100 units.
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I do not doubt that the car will exceed all expectations but for the price tag of nearly 1,000,000 is outrageous. The current LFA does not match the performance of a GTR which is 107,000. I am sure they will have no issues selling the car to enthusiasts.
What do you mean by performance does not match the GTR? The LFA has a faster time around the GTR at the ring. It has also been ahead of the GTR in all the lemans races. Are you talking of 0-60? What numbers are you looking at?
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