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Lexus LFA AD-X Spy Photos

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The third in Lexus’ line of one-off LFA supercars – the AD-X appeared in spy photos today cruising around the Nurburgring.

Looking much like the higher-performing LFA Nurburgring edition – the car also wears special “AD-X” lettering to distinguish it. Specific differences on this – or the previous two “AD” LFAs – aren’t available, but performance is probably on par with the Nurburgring Edition cars if not further improved.

First to be seen, the AD-A car ran around the legendary German track hard in its baby blue paint. Next, the neon green AD-B was videotaped out for a drive in the rain. It isn’t clear exactly how many of the 500 total LFAs remain to be produced, but the “AD” designated cars could be getting special treatment and decals as the last remaining for production.
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