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In the run-up to the Detroit Auto Show this January, Lexus has teased a new concept car twice, first showing an aggressive exterior, and then a futuristic interior. Now comes word that the vehicle in question may wear the "LF-LC" badge when it is fully uncovered.

That code says almost all of what we need to know about the car, starting with the LF, which stands for Lexus Future, signifying it is in fact a concept. Next is the second L, which if you take a look at other L models in the Lexus lineup, is a sign that this is a true luxury machine take the Lexus LS for example.

Finally there's the C, which is a strong indication that this concept car is a coupe (or perhaps even a convertible).

That said, the LF-LC is likely a concept car aimed at showing the next generation Lexus SC. Of note, there's no "h" used in the nomenclature, suggesting this model won't be a hybrid an unusual move for the luxury brand.

More: Lexus LF-LC Rumored as Name of New Concept, Previewing Luxury Coupe on
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