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Lexus LF-A Crash at Nürburgring Provides First Look At Interior and Engine

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A late night shakedown and track familiarization run ahead of the start of the Nürburgring 24H race ended with Toyota dealing with a damaged Lexus LF-A. No official reason was given for the accident, but while the team was dealing with the busted front bits and torn up tail, the sneaky spies at KGP got down to work. The stealthy photogs snapped off some clear-as-day shots of the V10 engine, stripped down interior, suspension, carbon fiber under body tray and some very C2 Corvette-like door handles. Of course, this being a race car, we can only take hints from this set up, as it's been prepped for the track, but what we can do point and laugh at the car's lap times.

Follow the link for more pictures and information!
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It's still an awesome car !! Too bad they ran into bad luck at the track with it. Looks like the center consule is going to be home to the Gen 6 nav system and climate controls along with window and door locks........ Can't wait to see a production model in person !
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